BUS DEPOT (Von Drasek Drug Store) (Burlington Trailways), 6401 W. Ogden, opened by 1942
BUS DEPOT (Peoples Drug Shop) (Santa Fe Trailways), Oak Park Ave. and Stanley Ave., opened by 1942
BUS DEPOT (Berwyne Food Shop) (Santa Fe Trailways), 6727 W. Ogden, opened by 1945

In 1955, Continental Trailways sold the former Burlington Trailways local route between Chicago and Aurora to Bluebird Coach Lines, whose main route had replaced an interurban railway between Chicago and Joliet. It is unlikely that this route would have used a depot. The route was not operated after 1965, when West Suburban Transit Lines acquired Bluebird Coach Lines.

For the former Santa Fe Trailways route, the Berwyn stop was discontinued in 1984.


GREYHOUND DEPOT, 329 Howard St., opened by 1942

Service to Evanston was discontinued in 1969, replaced then with a new station at the CTA Skokie Swift station. The Skokie station was discontinued in 2012.


SAFEWAY BUS STATION, 209 E. 154th St., opened by 1942

Was actually the bus garage and hub of South Suburban Safeway Lines, also serving Greyhound and Trailways until around the 1970's, which subsequently used stations away from downtown Harvey. South Suburban Safeway Lines was later succeed by the Pace South Division, which constructed a new garage in nearby Markham. This former garage location is now a major Pace transit center.


BUS DEPOT (Le Verts Drug Store) (Greyhound), 601 Lake St., opened by 1942
VALENTINO'S BUS DEPOT (Greyhound), 601 Lake St., opened 1951
GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT, 1910 Lake St. (Melrose Park), opened early 1960's

BUS DEPOT (Hines Hospital) (Burlington Trailways), Roosevelt Rd. and 5th Ave., opened by 1942
BUS DEPOT (Barney's Snack Bar) (Burlington Trailways), 201 W. Roosevelt Rd., opened 1949

Trailways service was discontinued early 1960's, and Greyhound service was discontinued in 1980. Greyhound had stopped in both Maywood and Melrose Park, despite relocation of the actual depot.


GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT, 1140 Lake St., existed in 1930's

OAK PARK-RIVER FOREST DEPOT, 427 N. Harlem Ave. (at Lake St.), opened by 1942
OAK PARK-RIVER FOREST DEPOT, 44 Lake St., opened 1945
OAK PARK UNION BUS DEPOT, 266 Lake St., opened 1947
OAK PARK UNION BUS DEPOT, 302 Lake St., opened 1949

GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT, 1116 Madison St., opened 1951
GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT, 722 Madison St., opened 1955
GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT, 852 Madison St., opened early 1960's
GREYHOUND BUS STATION, 414 Madison St., opened around 1970

Greyhound and Trailways shared a station, until Greyhound opened its first station on Madison St.

In 1980, Greyhound opened a station at the CTA Forest Park terminal. And in 1984, the Oak Park stop was discontinued. The Forest Park station was discontinued in 1997.


Photos of remaining evidence of bus stations.