Car houses and bus garages, to which Chicago's streetcar and bus routes were assigned.

Streetcar Route Assignments (north)
Streetcar Route Assignments (south)
Bus Route Assignments (converted car houses-north)
Bus Route Assignments (converted car houses-south)
Bus Route Assignments (CSL/CTA bus garages)
Bus Route Assignments (CMC bus garages)

Routes generally assigned to each car house and bus garage.

Car house/Route Assignment Map - 1933
Car house/Bus garage/Route Assignment Map - 1947
Bus garage/Route Assignment Map - 1958

Color coded maps showing car houses and bus garages, and routes assigned, in various years.


Garages where the different models of buses were assigned.

General Bus Assignment Trends
Typical buses assigned to each garage during the periods of modernization, from propane buses to "New Look" buses.

Bus Assignment Time Line (1950-1970)
Bus Assignment Time Line (1972-2002)
Concise information indicating changes in bus fleet assignments, by garage.

Bus Assignments-1968 - Still a mostly "Old Look" propane fleet.
Bus Assignments-1972 - The "Old Look" buses' days were numbered.
Bus Assignments-1974 - An entirely "New Look" fleet.
Bus Assignments-1978 - 75% of all buses are newer air conditioned GM's.
Bus Assignments-1983 - Nearly all original "New Look" buses retired.
Bus Assignments-1992 - Wheelchair accessible buses in service on many routes.
Bus Assignments-1996 - All remaining "New Look" buses retired.
Bus Assignments-2002 - After completion of delivery of 6400 series Nova low floor buses.
Bus Assignments-2003 - Prior to delivery of 7500 series NABI articulated buses.
Bus Assignments-2009 - After delivery of numerous New Flyer buses.
Bus Assignments-2010 - After retirement of remaining Flxible buses.
Bus Assignments-2012 - Prior to delivery of 4300 series New Flyer articulated buses.
Bus Assignments-2014 - Prior to delivery of 7900 series Nova buses.

Some historic information is from various issues of the magazine "Motor Coach Age", along with various CTA assignment sheets.