Links marked with S or T include historical information on lost passenger Stations and interlocking Towers. Beyond the Chicago area, information on towers serving multiple railroads is generally not duplicated among branch lines.

This section is being expanded, to include additional lines further from Chicago. Pages for the added lines are marked with UC for Under Construction.

Former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Lake Subdivision (Chicago to Pine Jct.) ST
Garrett Subdivision (Pine Jct. to Garrett) ST

Indiana Subdivision (Cincinnati to Washington IN) UC
Illinois Subdivision (Washington IN to St. Louis) UC

Indianapolis Subdivision (Hamilton OH to Indianapolis) UC
Decatur Subdivision (Hillsdale IN to Decatur IL) UC
(formerly Indianapolis to Springfield)

Former Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad

Altenheim Subdivision (Chicago to Forest Park) ST
Blue Island Subdivision (Chicago to Blue Island) ST
Barr Subdivision (Blue Island to Pine Jct.) T
Chicago Heights Subdivision (Blue Island to Chicago Heights) ST

Former Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (Pere Marquette)

Grand Rapids Subdivision (Porter to Grand Rapids) ST

Reached historically via trackage rights over above Lake Subdivision, and trackage rights over former New York Central between Pine Jct. and Porter. Former New York Central is now Norfolk Southern, and freight trains are now more likely to use above Barr Subdivision serving Barr Yard.

Former Monon Route

Elsdon Subdivision (Chicago to Munster) ST
Monon Subdivision (Munster to Lafayette) ST
Monon Subdivision (Lafayette to Cloverdale) UC
(formerly Lafayette to Bloomington)
Hoosier Subdivision (Mitchell to Louisville) UC
(formerly Bloomington to Louisville)
Medaryille Branch (Monon to Medaryille) S
(formerly Monon to Michigan City)
Monticello Branch (Monon to Monticello) UC
(formerly Monon to Indianapolis)

Reached historically via Chicago & Western Indiana through Hammond. Now connects with Elsdon Subdivision, formerly Grand Trunk Western and acquired in 2013 from CN.

Former Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad

Woodland Subdivision (Woodland Jct. to Danville) ST
CED Subdivision (Danville to Evansville) UC

Reached via trackage controlled by Union Pacific between Dolton and Woodland Jct., jointly owned and also formerly part of Chicago & Eastern Illinois until 1969, when most of Chicago & Eastern Illinois was acquired by Missouri Pacific, later Union Pacific.

Former Rock Island Line

New Rock Subdivision (Joliet to Utica) ST

Reached via trackage rights over former Rock Island trackage now owned by Metra.

Former New York Central Railroad/Pennsylvania Railroad/Penn Central

Porter Subdivision (Hammond to Porter) ST

Indianapolis Line Subdivision (Union City to Indianapolis) UC
St. Louis Line Subdivision (Indianapolis to Terre Haute) UC
St. Louis Line Subdivision (Terre Haute to St. Louis) UC
Danville Secondary Subdivision (South) (Terre Haute to Paris) UC
(formerly Terre Haute to Pana)

Danville Secondary Subdivision (North) (Vermillion Grove to Paris) UC
(formerly Danville to Paris)

Shelbyville Secondary Track (Indianapolis to Shelbyville) UC

Crawfordsville Branch (Indianapolis to Crawfordsville) UC

Segments assumed by CSX after 1999 breakup of Conrail.

Abandoned Lines (Baltimore & Ohio/Chesapeake & Ohio)

Springfield Subdivision (Shawneetown to Beardstown) UC

Abandoned Lines (Chicago & Eastern Illinois/Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville)

Brazil Subdivision/Brothers Subdivision/Judyville Subdivision UC

I&L Branch/French Lick Branch UC

Abandoned Lines (New York Central)

Indiana Division (Lafayette to Indianapolis) UC

Springfield Branch (Springfield to Indianapolis) UC

Cairo Branch (Paris to Cairo) UC

Peoria & Eastern Line (Crawfordsville to Peoria) UC

White Water Branch/Trafalgar Branch/Columbus Branch UC

Illinois Division Old Line (Hillsboro to Wann) UC

Abandoned Lines (Pennsylvania Railroad)

Columbus Division (Richmond IN to Indianapolis) UC
St. Louis Division (Indianapolis to Terre Haute) UC

Peoria Branch (Terre Haute to Peoria) UC

Shelbyville Branch (Columbus IN to Cambridge City) UC

Lines Sold

Short line companies which eventually acquired some trackage.

Former Chesapeake & Ohio from Chicago to Peru IN