Monon Subdivision (South)

FORMERLY Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad (Monon Railroad)
(Monon/Fourth Sub-Division)
CONSTRUCTED 1853 by New Albany & Salem Railroad
ABS installed 1912
ABANDONED 1995 (Cloverdale-Gosport)
ABANDONED 1997 (Gosport-Ellettsville)
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Cardinal and Hoosier State

Passenger service was originally discontinued in 1967, with the Thoroughbred. From 1975 to 1979, Amtrak's Floridian operated over this route, after having operated over deteriorating Penn Central trackage. And in 1980, Amtrak introduced the Hoosier State over this route, joined in 1986 by the Cardinal. Those trains would use the former Monon as far south as the Ames junction in Crawfordsville, and the former Peoria & Eastern line between Ames and Indianapolis. The Peoria & Eastern was a subsidiary of New York Central, that line as well as the former Monon is now part of CSX.

Radio Frequency - 161.370 (AAR Channel 84)
Dispatcher - 160.290 (AAR Channel 12)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is southward from Chicago
Distance is from Lafayette to Bloomington


120.1 Lafayette Passenger Station
120.7 Lafayette Jct. (junction-NS)
120.9 Lafayette Jct. Siding
126.0 Taylor
129.5 South Raub
133.0 Romney
137.0 Linden
141.0 Cherry Grove
144.0 Manchester
147.4 Crawfordsville
148.4 Ames (junction-CSX)
153.9 Whitesville
157.8 Ladoga
162.2 Roachdale
168.7 Bainbridge
173.0 Cary
177.8 Greencastle
180.6 Cement
189.1 Cloverdale
194.0 Wallace Jct.
197.8 Spring Cave
203.9 Gosport
212.2 Adams
213.1 Ellettsville
217.9 Hunters
220.5 Bloomington

1 track, Direct Traffic Control in use, controlled by CSX "RB" Dispatcher in Calumet City. Automatic block signals in use between Lafayette and Ames. Automatic interlockings at all crossings with other railroads.

Mileposts are distances from Dearborn Station over original Monon route via Hammond.


Classic Track Diagrams

Track diagram as the line existed during the 1960's and 1970's, when this was a signaled main line.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.