Tomah Subdivision

FORMERLY Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road)
CONSTRUCTED 1857-1858 by La Crosse & Milwaukee Railroad
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1903-1910
ABS installed 1914
CTC installed 1990's/segments of second track eliminated
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Empire Builder

At its peak, the only single track segment was through the tunnel between Tunnel City and Raymore, with CTC installed in 1950.

Radio Frequency - 161.520 (AAR Channel 94)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is westward from Chicago
Distance is from Chicago

178.2 Portage
178.9 Three Light
189.0 Lewiston
195.1 Wisconsin Dells
199.0 Kilbourn
203.7 Lyndon
211.0 Mile Creek
214.3 Mauston
221.2 New Lisbon
226.0 Camp Douglas
237.0 Monroe
240.1 Tomah
243.8 Tunnel City (junction-UP)
246.3 Raymore
249.6 Camp McCoy
255.5 Sparta
265.0 Bangor
271.3 West Salem
278.0 Medary
280.0 Grand Crossing (BNSF crossing)
281.2 La Crosse

1 and 2 tracks from Portage to La Crosse. CTC in use, controlled by dispatcher in Minneapolis.


Information is based on 2015 Google satellite imagery, and is subject to change.

Classic Track Diagrams

Track diagram as the line existed in the 1980's, when the line was still double track.


Past and present towers and interlockings.