Michigan Line (Kalamazoo-Detroit)

FORMERLY New York Central Railroad (Michigan Central Railroad)
(Michigan Division/Main Line)
CONSTRUCTED 1838-1841 (Jackson-Detroit)/1844-1846 (Kalamazoo-Jackson)
DOUBLE TRACK completed 1873 (Ypsilanti-Detroit)/1888-1900 (Kalamazoo-Jackson)
DOUBLE TRACK completed 1900-1905 (Kalamazoo-Ypsilanti)
ABS installed before 1909
SEARCHLIGHT ABS installed 1944-1949
CTC installed 1986-1988/second track eliminated
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Detroit Route

Unlike the segment west of Kalamazoo which was transferred to Amtrak in 1976, Conrail and successor Norfolk Southern retained this segment. But in 2013, Norfolk Southern sold the segment between Kalamazoo and Dearborn to the State of Michigan, for direct operation by Amtrak. While the segment east of Dearborn is part of Conrail Shared Assets. Through Battle Creek, the Michigan Central route was eliminated in 1982, and trains operate over the CN former Grand Trunk Western route. Amtrak's Blue Water continues east of Battle Creek over the CN route. In Detroit, trains served the old Michigan Central Station until 1988, when a new temporary station opened immediately west. In 1994, a new Amtrak station opened north of downtown Detroit along a CN line. Amtrak trains would originally switch to and from the CN line via a connecting track between CP Scotten and Vinewood St. But in more recent years a more direct track connection was constructed with the CN line at West Detroit.

Radio Frequency - 161.505 (AAR Channel 93) (Kalamazoo-Gord)
Radio Frequency - 160.590 (AAR Channel 32) (Gord-Baron)
Dispatcher - 160.530 (AAR Channel 28) (Gord-Baron)
Radio Frequency - 161.505 (AAR Channel 93) (Baron-Townline)
Radio Frequency - 161.070 (AAR Channel 64) (Townline-Detroit)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Kalamazoo to Detroit
Distance is from Detroit

143.4 Kalamazoo
143.1 BO (NS crossing)
142.5 West Botsford
142.0 Botsford
139.9 CP Comstock
139.6 Comstock
134.6 Galesburg
129.9 Augusta
124.4 CP Custer
122.0 Rumley
121.4 Gord (junction-CN)
120.7 Battle Creek
119.5 Baron (junction-CN)
116.3 CP Levitt
107.5 Marshall
98.8 CP 99
96.2 CP Albion
95.8 Albion
86.2 Parma
78.4 CP Hill
75.5 CP Jackson (junction-NS)
75.5 Jackson
72.7 CP East Jackson
65.2 Grass Lake
65.0 Grass
61.1 Francisco
56.0 CP Chelsea
54.1 Chelsea
51.9 CP Lake
51.3 Four Mile Lake
46.7 Dexter
37.8 West Ann Arbor
37.4 Ann Arbor
33.3 Geddes
29.7 Forest
29.4 Ypsilanti
28.1 CP Ypsi
27.0 Wiard
26.6 Willow Run
25.7 Raw
24.9 Denton
20.6 Haggerty
19.3 Cog
18.1 Wayne Jct. (CSX crossing)
17.7 Wayne
15.2 Eloise
13.6 Inkster
9.2 CP Mort
7.7 Dearborn
7.4 CP Townline
5.7 Miller
5.4 Wyoming
5.2 CP Lou
4.2 Lonyo
3.2 Military
2.9 CP West Detroit (junction-NS/CN)
2.4 CP Scotten
2.2 CP Bay City Jct.
1.6 20th St.
0.0 Detroit/3rd St.

1 track, CTC in use. Some segments of 2 tracks. CTC controlled by Amtrak Train Director in Chicago. 2 tracks through Kalamazoo, signaled for normal right hand operation.


Classic Track Diagrams

Track diagram as the line existed in the 1970's, when the line was still double track.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.