Flint Subdivision

FORMERLY Grand Trunk Western Railroad
CONSTRUCTED 1872 by Peninsular Railroad (Battle Creek-Lansing)
CONSTRUCTED 1877 by Chicago & Northeastern Railroad (Lansing-Flint)
CONSTRUCTED 1871 by Port Huron & Lake Michigan Railroad (Flint-Port Huron)
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1902-1903
ABS installed 1929-1930
CTC installed 1956-1957 (Durand-Port Huron)/second track eliminated
CTC installed 1990's (Battle Creek-Durand)

Unlike the CN former GTW route west of Battle Creek, Amtrak passenger service exists over this segment, sponsored in part by the state of Michigan. These trains operate over the more traditional Michigan Central route west of Battle Creek, now Norfolk Southern. Within Battle Creek, both former railroads actually have been using the GTW routing since 1982. At that time, the former Michigan Central route was abandoned, eliminating numerous grade crossings.

Between Mundy and Belsay, line was originally more centrally located through Flint. In 1902, a more direct bypass line was constructed south of Flint. In 1928, passenger trains began using the new line, stopping at a new station. Original line became known as the Old Main Line, and was downgraded with segments abandoned.

Radio Frequency - 160.590 (AAR Channel 32)
Dispatcher - 160.530 (AAR Channel 28)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Battle Creek to Port Huron
Distance is from Chicago (Dearborn Station)

175.5 Gord (junction-Amtrak)
175.8 Battle Creek Depot
175.9 Rose
176.7 Baron (junction-Amtrak)
177.1 Michigan Ave.
178.6 Emmett St.
179.2 Battle Creek Yard
181.2 McAllister
189.4 Bellevue
191.7 Lacey
194.3 Olivet
197.0 Walton
202.4 Charlotte
208.3 Potterville
215.0 Mill
216.8 Lansing
217.6 Hope
221.5 Cedar (NS crossing)
223.5 Trowbridge (CSX crossing)
223.9 East Lansing
227.5 Okemos
229.0 Haslett
235.7 Shaftsburg
240.0 Perry
242.1 Morrice
248.7 Bancroft
250.6 Vernon
253.3 Durand (CN crossing)
255.4 East Durand
257.2 Duffield
262.5 Schwarz Creek
262.6 Mundy
263.8 West Flint
267.2 Torrey
270.0 Flint
271.8 Kearsley (CSX crossing)
273.9 Belsay
276.7 East Flint
278.8 Davison
290.0 Lapeer
302.0 Imlay City
305.9 Peat
309.2 Capac
317.9 Emmett
323.0 Goodells
329.0 West Tappan
332.1 Tappan
334.2 Port Huron

2 tracks, CTC in use. 1 track Walton to Potterville, Mill to Cedar, Okemos to Bancroft, East Durand to Flint, East Flint to West Tappan.

CN Dispatcher Desk #9 located in Homewood IL.



Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.