Portions of the last Norfolk & Western passenger timetable prior to the formation of Amtrak. Prior to 1964 was the Wabash Railroad. Amtrak resulted in the discontinuance of the City of Decatur and the Wabash Cannonball effective May 1, 1971, but the one daily commuter train to and from Orland Park remained. Dearborn Station was then closed, and for the next 5 years the commuter train would use a track immediately west of Dearborn Station. In 1976, the train was transferred to Union Station, with the single round trip continuing until RTA modernization and expansion beginning in 1978.

In 1930, there were actually seven dedicated commuter trains each direction between Chicago and Orland Park. But they were discontinued in 1932, and the schedule of a through local train between Chicago and Decatur was adjusted, to coincide with the rush hour within the Chicago area. In 1964, the train became specifically a Chicago to Orland Park train. Although the train would deadhead to and from Decatur during the weekend for servicing. The crews actually continued to be based in Decatur, reportedly staying at a motel in Orland Park during the week. Rumor is that many single women rode the train, something which the crew members reportedly took advantage of. And some crew members eventually ended up in the Decatur area divorce courts.