Trails exist along the Fox River over the entire distance between Aurora and Elgin. But only the trail segment between St. Charles and South Elgin actually follows the AE&FRE right of way. These photos cover only that segment.

Typical scene through Valley View along Weber Drive at Pinelands, looking north.

Looking north across the Fox River at the trail bridge, not the original railway bridge.

Electrified interurban trackage in 1997? Actually, this trackage is now part of the Fox River Trolley Museum, located south of South Elgin.

Coleman was where the AE&FRE crossed under, and interchanged with the Illinois Central Railroad's Iowa Division main line. View is looking north, the actual AE&FRE right of way is up and to the left, and is now part of the Fox River Trolley Museum.

Preserved electric railway equipment is visible at the Fox River Trolley Museum, south of South Elgin.

The segment in St. Charles begins near 2nd Avenue, approximately a mile north of Main St. (Illinois Highway 64). And in South Elgin, the path is near the west side of the Fox River, south of the State St. Bridge over the river. Public transportation in the area is provided by the Pace #801 bus route. Ironically, that bus route traces its history back to the bus operation which replaced the interurban trains in 1935.