Logansport Division

Was a double track line with single direction ABS, until abandonment. Mostly abandoned 1982-1986.

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AIR LINE (Munster)
Mechanical interlocking installed 1906
Closed 1951, remotely controlled from Maynard

Former crossing with Monon Route. When Maynard tower closed around 1967, remote control was transferred to Hartsdale tower. Effective October 1, 1980, Amtrak trains began using Monon Route and former Pennsylvania Railroad west of here, switching railroads via a newly constructed connection here. While main line was basically abandoned in 1986, trackage remained until 1994 between Bernice and Air Line, for these Amtrak trains. Effective June 30, 1993, Amtrak trains began connecting instead between Monon Route and former Grand Trunk Western.

MAYNARD (Munster)
Mechanical interlocking installed 1911
Closed around 1967, remotely controlled from Hartsdale

Former crossing with Grand Trunk Western (now CN). In 1951, tower assumed control of Air Line interlocking.

Mechanical interlocking installed 1893
Interlocking rebuilt 1906
Closed June 14, 1994

Former crossing with Elgin Joliet & Eastern and New York Central Joliet Branch, abandoned late 1970's. Around 1967, tower assumed control of Bernice, Air Line and Maynard interlockings.

Interlocking installed 1913

Little is known about this interlocking.

Interlocking installed 1911

Little is known about this interlocking, other than it was located in Winfield Township.

Interlocking installed 1904
Closed 1911

Little is known about this short lived interlocking.

Interlocking installed 1906
Closed, remotely controlled from Kouts

Third and fourth tracks existed between Aylesworth and Kouts.

Mechanical interlocking installed 1892
Interlocking rebuilt 1907

Former crossing with Erie Railroad, abandoned 1980.

Mechanical interlocking installed 1892

Former with Monon Route Michigan City Branch, abandoned 1980.

Mechanical interlocking installed 1892
Closed around 1980's

Former crossing with Erie, abandoned 1980, Chesapeake & Ohio, and New York Central Kankakee Branch, abandoned 1982.

Remote interlocking installed 1955, controlled from Van

Former junction with Effner Branch.

VAN (Logansport)
Mechanical interlocking installed before 1906
Electric interlocking installed 1919
Closed 1984

Junction with Indianapolis Division, and Butler Branch and South Bend Branch which split at Fern, a short distance northeast.

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ELM (Logansport)
Tower listed with Wabash