Western Division

Was a multiple track line with single direction ABS, until abandonment. Abandoned early 1970's.

After 1968 Penn Central merger, trains consolidated onto former Pennsylvania Railroad route between Chicago and Whiting. Prior to then, trains used Rock Island joint route between La Salle Street Station and Englewood, and route paralleling Pennsylvania Railroad between Englewood and Whiting.

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Electric interlocking installed 1915
Closed early 1970's

Junction with Nickel Plate main line. Southeast of here, the Nickel Plate line diverged to the north, and proceeded to parallel the Illinois Central line, crossing south under the New York Central and Pennsylvania lines, before crossing over the Illinois Central line at 79th Street. Was also west end of a four track segment, with freight tracks to the north. Freight tracks were removed around 1964.


Was a notable crossing with Illinois Central, prior to track elevation in 1912. Was not interlocked, except references have been found mentioning temporary interlockings (Tower A and Tower B), existing in 1893. Possibly to accommodate extra service to World's Fair.

Mechanical interlocking installed 1896
Bridge replaced 1915
Closed late 1960's, remotely controlled from JN

Former drawbridge over Calumet River. In 1896 and 1899, temporary interlockings existed on each side of the river, in 1896 connecting with Pennsylvania Railroad and in 1899 connecting with Baltimore & Ohio. Little else is known about these temporary interlockings. After 1968 Penn Central merger, all traffic was shifted to former Pennsylvania Railroad, paralleling to the south. Each railroad had four tracks on two double track vertical lift spans. The north span of the former Pennsylvania Railroad was removed. Neither New York Central span was ever removed, both spans remain raised. Third and fourth tracks were removed around 1964. To the west, freight tracks were to the north. And to the east, freight tracks were to the outside.

Mechanical interlocking installed 1898

Former crossing of Pennsylvania Railroad main line, the paralleling New York Central main line, and the paralleling Baltimore & Ohio passenger line, with a Chicago Lake Shore & Eastern Railway line. The Chicago Lake Shore & Eastern line was abandoned early, little is known about that line, that railroad later became part of Elgin Joliet & Eastern.