Eastern Division/Sub-Division No. 1

Now owned by CN.

Double track line originally with single direction ABS. CTC was installed around 2000.

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Mechanical interlocking installed 1890
Electric interlocking installed 1908
Closed August 21, 1995, remotely controlled by dispatcher

Junction where the three separate double track lines of the Alton Route, Santa Fe, and the Illinois Central Iowa Division all shared one double track drawbridge over a spur of the Chicago River. The bridge at the location no longer needs to be opened, the CTA Orange Line with its Ashland stop was built to the south without a movable bridge. Northeast of here, the Santa Fe was the railroad on the south side, now the CTA Orange Line occupies that right of way. After 1946, the tower also included a CTC installation for the Alton Route between 21st Street and Brighton Park.

Tower listed with New York Central

Mechanical interlocking installed 1892
Electric interlocking installed 1917
Closed November, 2008, remotely controlled by BNSF dispatcher

Crossing with trackage accessing BNSF former Santa Fe Corwith Yard, from the Santa Fe main line.

Tower listed with Belt Railway of Chicago

45 CROSSOVER (Glenn)
Remote interlocking installed 1951, controlled from Corwith

North end of Glenn Yard. Control transferred to dispatcher around 2000 with installation of CTC.

47 CROSSOVER (Glenn)
Remote interlocking installed around 2000.

South end of Glenn Yard. Became an interlocking around 2000 with installation of CTC.

Tower listed with Indiana Harbor Belt

UD TOWER (Joliet)
Tower listed with Rock Island

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Mechanical interlocking installed 1901
Closed around 1970's

Location of former Alton Route yard, and junction of two former alternate routes south to Mazonia. Presently, Union Pacific and Amtrak trains use the more direct route south via Wilmington. While previously, the alternate route would proceed west to Plaines, joining a paired track operation with the Santa Fe.


South Joliet-Plaines
Installed 1934, control machine at South Joliet tower

Alternate route at Plaines joined a paired track operation with the Santa Fe, which continued southwest to Coal City, then an Alton line south to Mazonia, joining the regular route. In later years, trains would instead use the Santa Fe tracks between Joliet and Plaines, enabling downgrading of this route from South Joliet.