One day in 1976, I rode Amtrak from Austin to Laredo, Texas. At the time, the train was named the Inter American, prior to being cut back to San Antonio and being renamed the Texas Eagle.

Amtrak #21 was running late, as typical at the time. This order was issued at Austin, specifying later times which freight train crews could observe, to stay out of the way of Amtrak.

Missouri Pacific had well maintained track. But for reasons which did not make sense, the railroad did not have the customary situation where passenger speed limits were higher than the freight train speed limits. Despite the good track, Missouri Pacific limited Amtrak to 50 mph. Nevertheless, I was clocking the train at 70 mph. Until we came to a sudden stop by Adams siding, on the north side of San Antonio. And we waited for a few minutes, before continuing on. And once I got a hold of this order, I learned why. This order was issued at MKT Jct., near San Marcos. And may have been a tactic, to make Amtrak STAY late.