In 1975, my grandparents rode the CN train from Winnipeg to Churchill, on Hudson Bay, and they collected a few train orders for me. And in 1982, I rode CN's electric commuter line north of Montreal.

This train order form is sometimes used when passenger trains are operating late, as was the case with this train from Winnipeg to Churchill. Freight train crews are normally required to observe the schedules of passenger trains, and stay out of their way. But this form of order gives freight trains an extra amount of time, to stay out of the way.

Meet order for the passenger trains between Winnipeg and Churchill.

For CN's electrified commuter line from Montreal to Deux Montagnes, Val Royal marked the transition from double track to single track. And this form of train order would confirm, that all opposing trains have arrived and are out of the way. And in that part of Canada, bilingual train orders were required.