METRA - 1980'S/1990'S

After the 1984 reorganization of the RTA, and the creation of Metra, ticket stock was standardized among all Chicago commuter lines, even those still operated by the private railroads under contract. Tickets specify fare zones, with zone letters identified on the tickets. Zone A begins downtown and extends 5 miles out, with each subsequent lettered zone 5 miles long. The Metra Electric line (former Illinois Central) however required special magnetic tickets, due to the system of turnstiles originally developed by IC. But all Metra tickets would be honored on all lines, within the fare zones specified.

Shown are tickets issued at stations, along with cash fare receipts issued by conductors for fares paid on the train. The ticket at the top left could be issued to cover a trip between any two fare zones, in this case the ticket was punched for a trip between zones A and H. The other two tickets at the top were preprinted to cover those zones. Also shown are two examples of Metra's $5 weekend pass. The ticket covering zones G to M was a blank form, with the zone letters rubber stamped. And at the bottom is an original cash fare receipt, along with the current cash fare receipt at the bottom right.