No.              Model   Years Built

200-267          GP7     1951-53
270-289          GP9     1954
300-324          SD7     1953
325-374          SD9     1954-55
4000             4-6-4   1930     steam locomotive built by Baldwin/shrouded in 1937
4001             4-6-4   1938     streamlined steam locomotive built in shops
9900-9908        Zephyr  1934-39
9909             E5A     1940
9910AB-9912AB    E5AB    1940
9913             E5A     1940
9914AB-9915AB    E5AA    1941
9916AB-9936AB    E7AA    1945-49
9937A            E7A     1949
9937B            E8A     1949
9938AB-9948AB    E8AA    1949-50
9949A            E8A     1950
9949             E7A     1947
9950AB           E5AB    1940     C&S
9960ABC-9962ABC  F3ABA   1947
9964-9977        E8A     1952-53
9980AB           E5AB    1940     FW&D
9981AB           E8A     1952     FW&D
9985AB-9989AB    E9AA    1955-56
9990-9995        E9A     1954

Diesel passenger locomotive numbering in the 9900 series began with the Pioneer Zephyr, and subsequent Zephyr trains with power cars built by Budd. Power cars with diesel engines were numbered #9900-#9908, while traditional diesel locomotives were numbered beginning with #9909. Power cars and a few E5A locomotives were originally assigned to specific trains, described at the Pre War Streamliners page.

#9960-#9962 were the original locomotives assigned to the California Zephyr, on the Burlington Route segment between Chicago and Denver. The other participating railroads provided their own locomotives over their segments.

#9950AB, #9980AB and #9981AB were owned by subsidiaries Colorado & Southern, and Fort Worth & Denver.

Some locomotives eventually operated exclusively in commuter service in Chicago. Including having head end power auxiliary generators installed, to operate with bilevel commuter cars.

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