(Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway)

1901 - Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. incorporated, as a consolidation of the Joliet Railroad Co., the Chicago and Joliet Rapid Transit Co., and the Chicago and Desplaines Valley Electric Railway Co., and completing interurban line to Cicero Avenue in Chicago. Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. would be a subsidiary of American Railways Co., controlled by Electric Bond & Shares Co.

1922 - Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. forms subsidiary Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co., to operate buses. First route was a feeder from Lockport to Stateville Prison.

1924 - Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. sold to Middle West Utilities Co., controlled by Samuel Insull.

1927 - Stateville Prison bus route discontinued.

1928 - Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co. introduces bus route between Chicago and Joliet, operating primarily via US Route 66 (Joliet Road).

1932 - Samuel Insull resigns from Middle West Utilities Co.

1933 - interurban railway service discontinued between Argo and Lockport and replaced with buses operated by Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co., leaving just Joliet-Lockport and Argo-Chicago segments still with railway service.

1934 - Argo-Chicago local cars discontinued, replaced with Chicago Surface Lines bus route on Archer Avenue.

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