For each bus garage, bus routes are generally listed in the order in which they began operating at that garage. Longer routes generally had runs divided among more than one garage.

Various route changes were made over the years, with many changes involving routes being combined, or being split into separate routes, or a portion of one route becoming a portion of another route. Such changes as are generally not documented here if they did not significantly affect garage assignments. The Surface Transit Routes - Past And Present section of this Web site includes more detailed information on these changes.

Not included are certain downtown shuttle routes, many of which would be divided among more than one garage, and operationally were usually extensions of various main line bus routes between downtown and different parts of Chicago.

Leased in 1928

52/152 Addison (5/11/28 new route, 1928 to Kostner)

Opened in 1928
Closed in 1933

34/134 Diversey (1928 from Wilcox, 1933 to Keeler)
52/152 Addison (1928 from Cicero/Cornelia, 1933 to Keeler)

Opened in 1933
Closed 3/25/73

34/134 Diversey (1933 from Kostner, 6/19/55 to route 76, 3/25/73 to North Ave.)
52/152 Addison (1933 from Kostner, 3/25/73 to North Park)

Opened in 1925
Closed 6/19/55

53/153 Wilson-Michigan (1925 from Rosemont, 6/19/55 to Limits)
56/156 Wilson-La Salle (9/17/46 new route, 6/19/55 to Limits)

Opened in 1917
Closed 9/7/57

51/151 Sheridan (3/25/17 new route, 9/7/57 to North Park)
53/153 Wilson-Michigan (5/1/17 new route, 1925 to Ravenswood)
54/154 Lunt (6/22/25 new route, 9/9/56 to route 96, 9/7/57 to North Park)
55/155 Howard-Ashland (6/2/25 new route, 10/18/53 to route 36A-to North Park)

Opened in 1924
Closed 6/19/55

26/126 Jackson (3/16/24 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
27/127 Jackson-Independence (3/16/24 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
28/128 Wacker-Wells (8/1/51 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
31/131 Washington (3/16/24 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
34/134 Diversey (6/18/24 new route, 1928 to Kostner)
36/136 Douglas (3/23/24 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
42/142 Shopping District (5/2/27 from Depot Motor Bus Lines, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
48/148 Monroe Parking Lot (8/15/46 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
49/149 Michigan-State-Wacker (8/15/46 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
57/157 Ohio-Union Station (6/28/27 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)
58/158 Wacker-North Western Station (5/12/47 new route, 6/19/55 to Kedzie)

Opened in 1923
Closed 4/24/83

1 Drexel-Hyde Park (4/15/23 new route, 4/24/83 to 77th St.)
2 Hyde Park (5/6/23 new route, 4/24/83 to 77th St.)
3 South Park (12/19/23 new route, 5/24/53 to 77th St.)
4/5 Jeffery (12/15/46 new route, 4/24/83 to 77th St.)
6 Garfield (7/2/23 new route, 9/5/54 to 69th St.)
10/110 Marquette (10/1/23 new route, 5/24/53 to 69th St.)
38 Indiana (5/24/53 replaces streetcar from Cottage Grove, 9/13/81 discontinued)
43 43rd-Root (9/5/54 from Archer, 4/24/83 to Archer)

Not listed are CMC routes discontinued before acquisition by CTA. Many routes under CTA were assigned numbers 100 higher than the original CMC numbers. CMC routes were generally numbered according to area served. CMC routes 1-12, on the south side, were assigned to 52nd Street Garage. CMC routes 26-49, on the west side, were assigned to Wilcox Garage, except for the Diversey routes, which were later reassigned to Kostner Garage, finally Keeler Garage. And routes 51-56, on the north side, were assigned to Rosemont Garage or Ravenswood Garage, except for the Addison route, which was assigned to Kostner Garage, later Keeler Garage. Routes 57-58, although considered north side routes, were assigned to Wilcox Garage.

Information is from various issues of the magazine "Motor Coach Age".