Numbers   Type      Builder        Built    Notes

1-30      MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  1982-83
31-38     MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  1982-83  Metra owned
39-44     MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  1982-83
17,26,41  MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  1992     replacements
45-48     MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  1992
101-110   MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  2001
201-210   Trailer   Nippon-Sharyo  1992
301-314   MU Coach  Nippon-Sharyo  2008-09  bilevel

All cars are single level, except cars 301-314 which are bilevel. Cars 301-314 are of a design similar to Metra Electric cars 1201-1226, except have end doors away from the cabs to allow for low level platform loading and unloading.

Original cars 17, 26, 41 were wrecked and replacement cars were built with same numbers.

All cars owned by Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD), except for cars 31-38 owned by Metra. These two agencies' juristictions end at the Illinois/Indiana state line for this joint interstate operation.

Cars 1-48 have cabs at both ends, cars 101-110 have cabs at one end (odd numbers at east end, even numbers at west end), and trailer cars 201-210 have no cabs. A train must be assembled with a cab at each end. The trailers have pantographs for auxiliary power.

Trains normally operate with a maximum of 8 cars. The electrification systems only have the power capacity for 6 motor cars, so an 8 car train must have at least 2 trailers.

All cars have restrooms except 101-110 and 201-210. All cars have center doors except for trailer cars 201-210. Center doors have high level platform access only, while end doors also have low level platform access available, with manual conductor operation of stairway traps.

Bilevel cars 301-314 are not operationally compatible with the single level cars.

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