Metra            Serial Nos.  Year     Metra Routes
Numbers  Model   Begin        Built    Assigned

100-127  F40PH      766062    1977     all
128-149  F40PH-2    786293    1979-80  UP
150-173  F40PH-2    826017    1983     UP
174-180  F40PH-2    876017    1988-89  UP
181-184  F40PH-2    886028    1989     BNSF
185-214  F40PHM-2   896065    1991-92  BNSF, RI
215      F40PH-3    777018    1977     Milwaukee
216      F40PH-3    807050    1981     Milwaukee
401-427  MP36PH-3S    0101    2003-04  BNSF, Milwaukee, RI
600-612  F40C        73612    1974     RETIRED
613-614  F40C        73689    1974     RETIRED

F40C's 600-614 were originally purchased for the Northwest Suburban Mass Transit District (NWSMTD) and the North Suburban Mass Transit District (Nortran), and were originally numbered 40-54 for the Milwaukee Road. Those transit districts had been formed along the 2 former Milwaukee Road lines. Those transit districts were eventually dissolved, with ownership of the locomotives transferred to Metra.

Locomotives 215 and 216 are originally Amtrak 258 and 375, rebuilt by Progress Rail in Kentucky to F40PH-3's. Progress Rail has similarly been upgrading F40PH's acquired earlier by RTA to F40PH-3's.

All locomotives manufactured by General Motors/Electro-Motive Division of La Grange, Illinois, except for 401-427, which are manufactured by Motive Power Industries of Boise, Idaho. These locomotives nevertheless have EMD engines.

Serial numbers begin with the numbers indicated, followed by a dash, and followed by an individual number for that unit, usually in sequence. For EMD locomotives, the first number is the order number.

Locomotive Names
Most Metra locomotives were named for various Chicago area suburbs, along with various Metra and government officials.

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