Numbers    Type       Builder      Built    Notes

6001-6192  Coach      Nippon-Sharyo  2002-05  wheelchair lifts

7200-7231  Coach      Budd           1961     ex Milw 300-331
7232-7241  Coach      Budd           1964     ex Milw 332-341
7242-7256  Coach      Budd           1965     ex RI 140-154
7257-7280  Coach      Budd           1974     ex NWSMTD 342-365
7281-7283  Coach      Budd           1974     ex Nortran 366-368
7284-7381  Coach      Budd           1978-80  purchased by RTA
7382       Coach      Budd           1965     former cab car 8222

7400-7497  Coach      Amerail        1996-98  wheelchair lifts

8200-8207  Coach/Cab  Budd           1961     ex Milw 380-387
8208-8219  Coach/Cab  Budd           1964     ex Milw 388-399
8220-8224  Coach/Cab  Budd           1965     ex RI 110-114
8225-8236  Coach/Cab  Budd           1974     ex NWSMTD 400-411
8237-8238  Coach/Cab  Budd           1974     ex Nortran 412-413
8239-8275  Coach/Cab  Budd           1978-80  purchased by RTA

8400-8413  Coach/Cab  M-K            1994-95  wheelchair lifts
8414-8478  Coach/Cab  Amerail        1995-98  wheelchair lifts

8501-8608  Coach/Cab  Nippon-Sharyo  2002-05  wheelchair lifts

Some of the oldest cars have been retired. And some of the older cab control cars have had their cabs removed.

The Budd built cars can appear on any Metra diesel line, regardless of present or prior ownership.

Cars 7300-7310 and 7313 have been reconfigured as refreshment cars.

Cars 7200-7241 and 8200-8219 were originally owned by the Milwaukee Road, later owned by the Northwest Suburban Mass Transit District (NWSMTD). Cars 7257-7280 and 8225-8236 were originally owned by NWSMTD, although they originally were lettered and numbered for the Milwaukee Road. Cars 7281-7283 and 8237-8238 were originally owned by the North Suburban Mass Transit District (Nortran) and lettered and numbered for the Milwaukee Road. NWSMTD and Nortran were eventually dissolved, with ownership of the cars transferred to Metra.

Cars 7400-7497 and 8400-8478 were built at the old Pullman plant on Chicago's south side, enabling local employment for their construction. Morrison-Knudsen originally managed the project, but financial problems resulted in Amerail taking over the project. Cars first entered service on the Rock Island District. These cars have wheelchair lifts, and all Metra diesel trains now have at least one such car insuring accessibility to those with disabilities. It was originally decided to make one accessible car on a train the cab control car, in order to insure that the accessible car is at a predictable place on the train. This is now the practice on the Union Pacific lines, Heritage Corridor, and North Central Service. But on the other Metra lines, the accessible car is placed at a different predictable location on the train.

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