Numbers    Type       Builder     Built    Notes

1201-1226  MU Coach   Nippon-Sharyo  2005
1227-1386  MU Coach   Nippon-Sharyo  2012-14
1501-1630  MU Coach   St. Louis      1971-72
1631-1666  MU Coach   Bombardier     1978-79

Cars 1501-1666 were retired in 2016, and were owned by Chicago South Suburban Mass Transit District (CSSMTD). After St. Louis Car ceased to exist, the same designs were used for construction of additional cars by Bombardier.

Car 1509 was destroyed in the accident at 27th Street in 1972.

Most of the cars 1501-1666 were extensively rebuilt in the 1990's by Amerail (formerly Morrison Knudsen). Cars were modified to accommodate wheelchairs. With high level platforms, modifying the MU cars to accommodate wheelchairs was easier than on the diesel lines, where completely new cars were necessary with lifts for the low level platforms on those lines.

Cars have cab at one end, odd numbered cars face south and even numbered cars face north. Cars normally operate in back to back pairs, although any end can be coupled to any end if necessary.

Cars 1201-1386 replaced cars 1501-1666, and were not operationally compatible with the earlier cars. These newest cars are the only Metra Electric or Illinois Central electric MU cars ever equipped with toilets. A desirable feature, as Metra Electric has become increasing suburban oriented, with longer average trips.

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