Keeler Garage was constructed as a boiler factory in 1923, and converted to a bus garage in 1933. Keeler served as the headquarters of the Chicago Motor Coach Co. and its parent company, the Omnibus Corporation, which also controlled the Fifth Avenue Coach Co. and other bus companies in New York City. Keeler housed Chicago Motor Coach Co. buses on the northwest side. Chicago Motor Coach became part of CTA in 1952, and CTA used the garage until 1973. A small industry now occupies the building.


Ravenswood Garage was opened in 1925, and housed Chicago Motor Coach Co. buses on the north side. Garage was closed in 1955, 3 years after the CTA acquisition, and the building now houses various small industries. The building for a while had new front panels, lessening the look of a former bus garage. But the building was eventually restored, presumably to more closely resemble its original look.


One of the more unusual uses for an old bus garage is what happened with Rosemont Garage. Rosemont was opened in 1917, and housed Chicago Motor Coach Co. buses on the far north side. Garage was closed in 1957. The basic building remains, but eventually became a mosque, bearing little resemblance to a bus garage. Building is immediately west of the CTA rapid transit Red Line, one block north of the Granville stop.


Ardmore Garage began housing Chicago Surface Lines buses in 1937, and was actually administered from the Devon car house. The building had earlier been a car house for the Chicago North Shore Street Railway.


Lawrence Ave. Garage was adapted for use by Chicago Surface Lines buses in 1943, in order to reduce deadhead distances and conserve fuel during World War II. And was used by CTA until 1954. The building was subsequently facelifted, bearing little resemblance to the original building. The building served as a bank until 1999, and was demolished in 2002.


Beverly Garage was the first new CTA garage, opened in 1949 and serving routes on Chicago's far south side. Unlike the two CTA garages opened a few years later, Beverly had indoor storage. Beverly was smaller than most CTA garages, and was closed as a bus garage in 1988 when 103rd St. Garage opened. Beverly is still used by CTA, for non revenue vehicles.