Bus garages constructed for Chicago Motor Coach Co. Most of these garages were inherited by CTA.

4221 W. Diversey Ave. (at Keeler Ave.)
Constructed as boiler factory in 1923
Acquired, converted to bus garage in 1933
Closed March 25, 1973
Building now used by small industry

Kostner Ave. at Grand Ave.
Opened in 1928
Closed in 1933
Replaced by Keeler Garage

4711 N. Ravenswood Ave. (near Lawrence Ave.)
Opened in 1925
Closed June 19, 1955
Operations consolidated into Limits Garage
Building now used by small industry

1124 W. Rosemont Ave. (near Broadway)
Opened in 1917
Closed September 7, 1957
Operations consolidated into North Park Garage
Building now used as a mosque

4532 W. Adams St.
Opened in 1924
Closed June 19, 1955
Operations consolidated into Kedzie Garage
Building demolished

5201 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Opened in 1923
Closed April 24, 1983
Operations consolidated into 77th St. Garage, later 103rd Street Garage
Building demolished

In addition, the Chicago Motor Coach Co. established a few storage lots for buses in the downtown area, in order to reduce the need for buses to deadhead to and from the outlying garages during the middle of the day. North of downtown, one lot was located at Grand and Orleans, and was closed prior to the CTA takeover in 1952. West of downtown, another lot was located at Desplaines and Polk, and was closed by CTA in 1960 because of expressway construction in the area. And south of downtown, the Chicago Motor Coach Co. had a lot at Indiana and 18th St., which was replaced with a new lot at State and 15th St. in 1952. CTA continued to use this lot until 1986.