Numbers    Builder           Built

2601-3200  Budd              1981-87
3201-3457  Morrison-Knudsen  1992-94
5001-5714  Bombardier        2009-14

All cars are in married pairs, consecutively numbered. Prior to the 3200 series, all cars were originally were designed for two person operation. The odd numbered car in each pair was equipped with conductor's controls, at the center of the pair on each side. The 3200 series were the first cars originally equipped for one person operation, with full width cabs.

In 1997, the other cars were refitted for one person operation. The cars were initially refitted to include the same cabs on the right corner of the car. But the cab door would be kept open, with door controls added to the left side, and yellow "police" type tape used to mark off the the motorman's area. All cars were subsequently refitted with full width cabs.

Cars 3441-3456 were equipped with pantographs for use on the "Skokie Swift" Yellow Line, half of which used overhead catenary until 2004. Pantographs were removed from cars 3451-3456, and those cars were reassigned to the Brown Line.

Car 3457 became paired with car 3458, which was renumbered from car 3032, whose mate was retired.

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