In the 1980's, prior to the recent popularity of advertising buses on transit systems, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry had five General Motors "fishbowls" repainted, either in red or blue. #9655 is seen southbound on State Street, in downtown Chicago, on the #62 Archer route.

A more contemporary Flxible "Metro" 6000 series bus promoting the Museum of Science and Industry, seen at its namesake museum on the #10 Museum route. Particularly noticeable is advertising for the "Pioneer Zephyr" train, on display at the museum. The #10 is a dedicated route operating between downtown and the museum during weekends and summers.

TMC "RTS" bus #4440, advertising the "http://rubloff.com" Web site, for a real estate company. Location is on Michigan Avenue near the Water Tower, on the #151 Sheridan route.

Flxible "Metro" 5300 series bus advertising "Pro-Line" Chicago Bears sportswear. During the mid 1990's, this bus often appeared on the experimental #15 shuttle route on State Street, in downtown Chicago.

Flxible "Metro" bus #5764 on State Street, in downtown Chicago, in a CTA "Trans-It Chicago" paint scheme.

New Flyer 5800 series low floor bus, promoting the Field Museum of Natural History.

Flxible "Metro" bus #6113, promoting diesel fuel derived from corn, and seen appropriately enough among the Illinois cornfields.