CTA BUSES (1980'S)


These articulated buses were built by M.A.N. in 1983. #7149 is seen on State St. at Randolph St. in downtown Chicago on the #6 Jeffery Express route, in 1996, five years before nearly all of them were replaced with second hand buses from Seattle.


In 2000, a shortage of operable articulated buses resulted in the CTA acquiring 114 used articulated buses from Seattle Metro, built by M.A.N. in 1982. They are mostly used on express routes on north and south Lake Shore Drive. Although a year older than the 7100's, Seattle's milder winters meant these buses were in better shape than the 7100's. #7316, repainted to the CTA scheme, is seen southbound on Columbus Drive at Roosevelt Road in 2001, on the #6 Jeffery Express route.


Some of the M.A.N. buses from Seattle, entered service on the CTA still painted in the Seattle Metro scheme. But with CTA logos applied. #7319 is seen at the Howard Street terminal in 2001, on the #147 Outer Drive Express route.


These buses were built by Flyer in 1983, and the last ones were retired in 2002. #9926 is on the #152 Addison route, seen in 1996 on Sheridan Rd. at Diversey Ave. This order of buses also included the 1600 series, identical looking but with less seating and more standing room.


M.A.N. built these "Americana" buses in 1985, and they were the CTA's first buses with electronic destination signs. #4201 is seen in 1996 on the #146 Marine Michigan route, near the Shedd Aquarium. The last ones were retired in 2003, mostly assigned to North Lake Shore Drive express routes not assigned lift equipped buses.


In the late 1980's, the CTA adopted the present red white and blue paint scheme, after having various paint schemes with green throughout its history. All paint schemes with green were eliminated in 1996, with the retirement of the General Motors "fishbowls" from the 1970's, and the completion of repainting of all green and white buses delivered in the 1980's. Perhaps the last green and white bus was M.A.N. "Americana" #4206, seen on the #146 Marine Michigan route at the Adler Planetarium, early in 1996.