Numbers    Type       Builder                 Built

4570-4576  Coach      Milwaukee Road Shops    1942

Cars 4570-4576 were converted from long distance coaches 457, 469, 454, 455, 459, 470, 463, and equipped for HEP to operate with the bilevel coaches. Car 4570 was rebuilt in 1963 and the others were rebuilt in 1968.


Numbers    Type       Builder                 Built

10-29      Coach      General Motors          1956
2500-2549  Coach      Standard Steel Car      1923
2550-2589  Coach      Standard Steel Car      1927
2590-2599  Coach      Standard Steel Car      1928
2600-2614  Coach      Standard Steel Car      1929
2700-2719  Coach      Pullman-Standard        1949

Cars 10-29 were from the two Aerotrain consists, and were modified bus bodies built by the General Motors Truck and Coach Division. The Aerotrains operated until 1965. Cars 2700-2719 were lightweight and had automatic doors, but were steam heated.


Numbers    Type             Builder            Built

7200-7205  Coach/Generator  CB&Q Shops         1929
7300-7309  Coach/Generator  American Car & F.  1916
7310-7312  Coach/Generator  Pullman            1922
7313       Coach/Generator  American Car & F.  1916

Cars were rebuilt from coach/baggage cars, and had diesel generators installed in the baggage sections. The generators provided electrical power for the bilevel coaches, which were not equipped with the batteries and axle generators normally used on steam heated equipment. In 1949, cars 7200-7205 were rebuilt from cars 7147-7152. And in 1950, cars 7300-7313 were rebuilt from cars 6100-6104, 6106-6109, 6116, 6124, 6150, 6153, 6105. All cars were retired by 1974, when modernization of the bilevel fleet was completed.


Numbers    Type       Builder                 Built

1001-1008  Coach      Pullman-Standard        1941
1009-1010  Coach      Pullman-Standard        1949
1368       Steam Gen. American Car & Foundry  1925

Cars 1001-1008 were reequipped for commuter service in 1970, renumbered from long distance coaches 1720-1724, 1730, 1732, 1734. Cars 1009 and 1010 were similar reequipped by 1976 from coaches 537 and 538. Reequipping included installation of commuter type seating and removal of doors. Car 1368 was converted from a heavyweight baggage car, ex Wabash 345, and provided heat when the train was assigned GP40's not equipped with steam generators. At the time only one train a day operated each way, and during weekends the train deadheaded from its Orland Park terminal to Decatur IL for servicing.


Numbers    Type       Builder                 Built

3052       Coach      American Car & Foundry  1947
3055       Coach      American Car & Foundry  1947
3060       Coach      American Car & Foundry  1947
3099       Coach      Pullman                 1924

Car 3055 was wrecked in 1975. Car 3099 was originally Chicago & Alton 328.


Numbers    Type   Builder  Built

1625-1744  Coach  various  1926-1928

Only some of these "P70" coaches were actually used on the Chicago-Valparaiso commuter trains, most were used in the northeastern United States.

Some of this roster information is from the "Railway Passenger Car Annual" books, published during the 1970's by W. David Randall.