Chicago Division (Illinois)

The second Pennsylvania Railroad line entered Chicago from Logansport, and used a circuitous route paralleling Western Ave. entering Chicago. Although trains only used this circuitous route during the railroad's early years. Trains were gradually shifted to the "SC&S Branch" north of Bernice, joining the more direct "Fort Wayne" line at Colehour Jct. By 1927, all trains were using the SC&S Branch. And in the early 1940's, stations at Bernice and Lansing were discontinued. Not all of these stations were listed in the Official Guide Of The Railways, but the Sanborn maps reveal these stations. Nearly all of this railroad has been abandoned.

Milepost locations are indicated, distance from Columbus.

Exact locations are not available for all stations.

Madison Street - only listed from 1906 to 1910. Station was located on west side of Rockwell St. between Madison St. and Monroe St., on the east side of the tracks. The line was elevated at that location.

Washington Heights - apparently a joint station with Rock Island, and still in use by Metra. Station was located north of 104th St. between Throop St. and Vincennes Ave., on the east side of the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. The two railroads crossed north of the station.

West Pullman - station was located south of 119th St. west of Emerald Ave., on the east side of the tracks.

Riverdale - station was located southeast of the intersection of 137th St. and Wabash, on the west side of the tracks. At that location, the Baltimore & Ohio (now CSX) line paralleled to the east.

Dolton - station was located northwest of the intersection of 142nd St. and Greenwood Ave., on the east side of the tracks.

Bernice - a 1911 Sanborn map shows a station as located south of Bernice Rd. and west of Railroad Ave., on the east side of the main line tracks. Immediately south of there was the junction between the main line and the SC&S Branch, connecting with the Fort Wayne Line. A 1930 Official Guide Of The Railways lists a stop at Bernice, but by then all trains were using the SC&S Branch in and out of Chicago.

Lansing - station was located on west side of Sherman St. one block south of Ridge Rd., on the east side of the tracks.


Locations of stations, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.

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