Western Division (Illinois)

This was a major route for intercity trains between Chicago and points east. But until 1964, this route had commuter service from Chicago to Elkhart. Several local stations existed on Chicago's southeast side. Not all of these stations were listed in the Official Guide Of The Railways, but the Sanborn maps reveal these stations.

Between Chicago's La Salle Street Station and Englewood, New York Central shared a route with the Rock Island line. And southeast of Englewood and into Indiana, the New York Central line paralleled the Pennsylvania Railroad line, north of what now is the Chicago Skyway. Shortly after the Penn Central merger in 1968, trains began using the former Pennsylvania Railroad route Between Union Station and Whiting.

Milepost locations are indicated, distance from Buffalo.

Exact locations are not available for all stations.

This entire right of way segment is elevated within the city of Chicago.

Englewood (515.5) - station was located on south side of 63rd St., east of the Pennsylvania Railroad/Rock Island crossing, and west of the New York Central line.

Park Manor (514.5) - the Sanborn maps show a platform between two tracks, between Keefe Ave. and St. Lawrence Ave. Access apparently was under viaduct on east side of Keefe Ave.

71st Street - the Sanborn maps show a platform between two tracks, south of 71st St.

Grand Crossing - a 1910 Sanborn map shows a "passenger depot" north of 73rd St.

South Chicago (510.3) - station was located on west side of South Chicago Ave., north of 92nd St. The area is now a parking lot of a CVS Pharmacy located at 9142 S. South Chicago Ave. A gap exists in the wall at the railroad embankment. Presumably, a tunnel existed there to access a stairway to the platform.

East Side (508.9) - station was located east of Avenue L, between the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad rights of way. The area between the rights of way is now overgrown with plants, with a narrow path. But if one is adventurous enough, one can walk the path and come upon a dark and smoky passageway, leading into the embankment. Presumably the passageway led to stairways leading up to a platform. One would need to be brave to walk into this passageway!


Locations of stations, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.

Grand Crossing Area
South Chicago Area