Milwaukee Division/First Subdivision-Second Subdivision

Most stations remain the same, on the two lines which evolved to Metra's Milwaukee District. But a few stations were discontinued or relocated.

Stations capitalized and without commentary are present Metra stations, further information on stations at official Metra Web Site.

Milepost locations are indicated, distance from Chicago.

Mayfair (9.0) - previously was located immediately south of Wilson Ave., with the station building on the east side of the tracks.

Techny (20.2) - was located at Techny Rd., at "Tower A-20" interlocking, discontinued in 1971.

Rondout (32.3) - was located at junction at State Highway 176, discontinued in 1984. Station platforms remain, for situations when track maintenance on the single track branch to Fox Lake requires bus substitution beyond Rondout.

Libertyville (35.5) - line originally terminated in Libertyville, with line paralleling Church St. a short distance to the north. An early station was located east of 1st St., on the north side of the track. This line terminating in Libertyville eventually became an industrial spur, diverging from the newer line east of Libertyville. The newer line passed through the north side of Libertyville, on to Fox Lake and points beyond. The station on the newer line was located east of Milwaukee Ave., on the south side of the track. That station lasted at least through the 1970's, and was replaced with the present station.

Wilson Road (47.0) - was between Long Lake and Ingleside, west of Wilson Rd. on the north side of the track, discontinued in 1984.

FOX LAKE (49.5)


Locations of stations, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.

Mayfair/Sauganash Area
Cook County Suburbs (N)
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