Sub-Division No. 1

What is now Metra's most minor commuter operation, previously included several additional stations, which were eventually discontinued.

Stations capitalized and without commentary are present Metra stations, further information on stations at official Metra Web Site.

Milepost locations are indicated, distance from Chicago.

Exact locations are not available for all stations.

Right of way is elevated from Chicago to Glenn.


23rd St. Depot (2.2) - early station, replaced in 1902 by Halsted Street station.

Halsted Street (2.6) - existed from 1902 to 1984 as a stop for commuter trains, replacing 23rd St. Depot. Island platform between tracks accessible via stairway under viaduct on east side of Halsted.

Brighton Park (5.1) - an 1896 Sanborn map shows a station building on the south side of the tracks, on 37th St. between Campbell Ave. and Maplewood Ave. Except 37th St. and Campbell Ave. presently do not exist at that location, and Maplewood Ave. is a street with a dead end at the railroad. This station was discontinued in 1908, and reinstated in 1929 a short distance west.

Brighton Park (5.2) - existed from 1929 to 1984 as a stop for commuter trains, with reported address of 3710 S. California Ave.

Glenn (10.3) - existed from late 1930's to 1989 as a stop for commuter trains. Access to station was via Merrimac Ave., and required passengers to cross yard tracks to access stop.

SUMMIT (11.9)

Mount Forest (16.8) - later became part of Willow Springs, but earlier had a separate station near where Charleton Ave. presently dead ends by the railroad. Discontinued in late 1930's.


Lambert (21.6) - probably near Grant Rd. Existed from 1904 to late 1940's as a stop for commuter trains, replacing Sag Bridge. A Google satellite view suggests that much of the area is now automobile junk yards.

Sag Bridge (21.7) - early station, replaced in 1904 by Lambert. Probably north of Cal Sag Channel, as area south of Channel appears never developed.

LEMONT (25.3)


State Prison (35.8) - existed from 1907 to 1952. Station probably was on west side of prison, while street access to prison was on east side. It is unclear whether station could have been used to access points other than the prison itself.

JOLIET (37.2) - prior to the 1912 opening of Joliet Union Station, station was located north of Jefferson St., on the west side of the tracks and north of the present Union Station.


Locations of stations, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.

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