Illinois Division/1st District

Between Chicago and Joliet, listed stations were continuously active for passenger trains until the 1971 formation of Amtrak. Except Hodgkins ceased to be a stop during the 1930's. Commuter service existed on this segment until 1903, making these exact stops including Hodgkins, at the time named Gary. Beyond Joliet, the Drummond and Lorenzo stations were active until 1971.

Milepost locations are indicated, distance from Chicago.

Exact locations are not available for all stations.

Chicago/Dearborn Station (0.0)

McCook (12.8) - station was located east of the Indiana Harbor Belt railroad crossing, on the north side of the tracks.

Hodgkins (14.6) - station was located near 67th St. Station had been named Gary, renamed Novak in 1909, renamed Hodgkins in late 1920's, renamed Storey in 1930, discontinued in late 1930's.

Willow Springs (17.4) - station was located west of Willow Springs Rd., on the north side of the tracks.

Lemont (25.1) - station was located on the north side of Front St., east of State St./Lemont Rd., on the south side of the tracks.

Romeo (29.3) - station was located near Romeoville Rd., on the north side of the tracks.

Lockport (32.7) - station was located south of 9th St., on the east side of the tracks.

Joliet (37.5) - prior to the 1912 opening of Joliet Union Station, station was located between Cass St. and Clinton St., on the west side of the tracks and north of the present Union Station.

Millsdale (46.1) - station sign was at Noel Rd., discontinued 1952.

Drummond (48.2) - station sign was at road south of the Mobil oil refinery.

Blodgett (50.3) - station apparently was located at Blodgett Rd., existed from late 1910's to early 1930's.

Mather (51.7) - station apparently was located at River Rd., north of the Kankakee River, existed from 1906 to 1930.

Lorenzo (52.8) - station was located south of Lorenzo Rd., between the two tracks.


Locations of stations, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.

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