Map shows streetcar routes in Joliet, along with interurban lines operating from Joliet. The Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. also operated the interurban line northeast to Chicago. In addition, the Joliet & Eastern Traction Co., the Chicago Ottawa & Peoria Railway Co., and the Aurora Plainfield and Joliet Railway Co. entered Joliet.

The streetcar system in Joliet eventually evolved into the present Pace bus system. There is little similarity between the streetcar system and the present Pace local bus route system. The interurban route northeast to Chicago evolved into the Pace routes 831 and 834. Pace route 834 most closely resembles the portion of the interurban line between Joliet and Lockport, and continues north over a new bus route through Bolingbrook to Yorktown Mall. Pace route 831 most closely resembled most of the interurban route into Chicago, but was discontinued in 2008.