Map shows bus routes, mainly around Chicago Heights, basically as they existed during 1930's. Shown are routes of the following companies, which are color coded.

South Suburban Safeway Lines (RED)

After the 1950's, South Suburban Safeway Lines was the only surviving bus line in the area. Shown are the following routes as they existed at the time.

B, via Halsted, now Pace #352
B, via Dixie Hwy., now Pace #372
B, via Chicago Rd. to Steger, now Pace #358, discontinued Steger to Crete
C, via Glenwood Rd., discontinued south of Thornton, remainder now Pace #353
H, via Lincoln Hwy., now Pace #357

Local service north of Thornton, now Pace #353, had been introduced in 1924 by Gold Star Line. South Suburban Safeway Lines introduced service in 1929 as part of through route between Chicago and Chicago Heights, not carrying local passengers north of Thornton. In 1936, South Suburban Safeway Lines acquired local rights north of Thornton from Gold Star Line.

Route added in 1949 eventually discontinued east of East Chicago Heights, later renamed Ford Heights.

Gold Star Line (GOLD)

The full story of Gold Star Line is not known, including the exact routing of its primary route, which extended from Chicago Heights to Hammond. This route had evolved from a route originally operated by Chicago Heights & Joliet Transportation Co., which had replaced an interurban railway between those cities.

Gold Star Line also operated route north of Thornton starting in 1924, which as mentioned above became part of South Suburban Safeway Lines, now Pace route #353.

Gold Star Line routes shown were acquired in 1931 from two companies, both of which had operated from Hammond. Farina's Bus Line & Transportation Co. had operated route since 1925 from Hammond and Lansing looping through Chicago Heights, along with route introduced in 1927 to Glenwood Manual Training School (now Glenwood Academy). And Midwest Motor Coach had operated a route #1 from Hammond and Lansing via Thornton to Dolton, and a route #2 from Thornton to Chicago Heights via Homewood. The 1931 transactions involved the service east of Torrence Ave. being acquired by Indiana based Shore Line Motor Coach, which in 1941 became Chicago & Calumet District Transit.

Gold Star Line service was reportedly suspended between Chicago Heights and Homewood from 1936 to 1944. Suggesting that all routes shown were discontinued in 1936, including the service north of Thornton sold to South Suburban Safeway Lines.

In Chicago Heights, a Union Bus Depot was located at 74 Illinois St., which was the southeast corner of Illinois St. and Halsted St. This bus station served these local carriers, along with Greyhound and Trailways intercity buses.