Began operations in 1937. Original routes operated from Waukegan to Channel Lake via Lake Villa and Antioch, and from Waukegan to Fox Lake via Grayslake. In 1948, both routes were sold to Cardinal Lines, which discontinued them around 1951.

American Coach Co. was based in Skokie, where most routes eventually operated. Ceased operations in 1959, with routes transferred to United Motor Coach (UMC) and Evanston Bus Company (EBC).

Map shows American Coach Co. routes, as they existed around 1950. American Coach Co. routes are shown in red. Also shown in blue are existing United Motor Coach routes.

American Coach Co. routes were numbered and introduced in the years as follows.

#1 (1941) - Crawford/Cicero between Evanston/Gross Point and Irving Park, to EBC #12
#2 (1941) - Pratt/Central from Lincoln and Pratt to Devon and Lehigh
#3 (1942 extended) - Lincoln (including via Pratt-Cicero), to UMC #10 and Pace #210
#4 (1945) - Lincoln between Oakton and Crawford
#5 (1945) - Niles Center/Gross Point between Skokie and Evanston
#6 (1945) - Lincoln-Brown-Floral-Oakton-Lincoln, possibly 1 block turnaround authority
#7 (1945) - Oakton between Lincoln and Austin
#8 (1945) - Main/Monticello from Skokie/Oakton to Crawford/Oakton
#9 (1946) - Laramie/Harms from Lincoln to Central St.
#10 (1946) - Lincoln between Crawford and Bryn Mawr
Unnumbered (1946) - Church/Golf/Waukegan between Evanston/Davis and Glenview
Unnumbered (1948) - Chicago-Wheeling, to UMC #11 and Pace #211