These photos were originally taken during the 1970's, using a Kodak Instamatic camera. The scanned images have been cropped from the original square photos, with no significant loss in image content.

In 1973, an old South Shore Line train is seen speeding south through the Hyde Park area, on Chicago's south side, on Illinois Central's electrified trackage.

A few minutes later at the same location, an Illinois Central (now Metra Electric) train heads south. The "Highliner" cars were only 1 or 2 years old at the time.

And a few minutes later, a train made up of IC's old electric cars heads south.

View from the front of a Rock Island train in 1975 at 95th Street/Beverly Hills. The Rock Island Railroad was in poor shape financially, and the poor track quality showed it. An opposing commuter train is seen, powered by an F7. A few years later, the RTA would extensively rehabilitate the track and replace the equipment.

Well into the 1970's, most Rock Island rush hour trains continued to use old coaches built in the 1920's. Rock Island "Al Capone" commuter coach 2582, built by Standard Steel Car in 1927, is preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum. Photographed in 1998.