Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Present operator of commuter rail service.

Boston & Maine Railroad

Former railroad operated all service from North Station, over 4 main routes and various branches. Service continues over the 4 main routes. The only branch still in operation is the Rockport Branch. Listed are the 4 main routes, and the various branches.

FITCHBURG ROUTE (now the Fitchburg Line)
Watertown Branch, West Cambridge-Waltham, discontinued 1938
Lexington Branch, West Cambridge-North Billerica
cut back to Bedford 1931, discontinued 1977
Marlboro Branch, South Acton-Marlborough
cut back to Maynard 1932, discontinued 1958

NEW HAMPSHIRE ROUTE (now the Lowell Line)
Central Massachusetts Branch, Somerville Jct.-Clinton
cut back to Hudson 1958, cut back to South Sudbury 1965, discontinued 1971
Woburn Loop, Winchester-North Woburn Jct.
cut back to Woburn 1959, discontinued 1981
Stoneham Branch, Montvale-Stoneham, discontinued 1958

WESTERN ROUTE (now the Haverhill Line)
Medford Branch, Medford Jct.-Medford, discontinued 1957
Newburyport Branch, Wakefield Jct.-Newburyport
cut back to Topsfield 1941, cut back to Danvers 1950, discontinued 1959
Georgetown Branch, Haverhill-Georgetown, discontinued 1933

EASTERN ROUTE (now the Newburyport Line)
Saugus Branch, Everett Jct.-West Lynn, discontinued 1958
Swampscott Branch, Swampscott-Marblehead, discontinued 1959
Marblehead Branch, Salem-Marblehead, discontinued 1953
Danvers Branch, Salem-Danvers, discontinued 1958
Gloucester Branch, Beverly Jct.-Rockport, now the Rockport Line
Essex Branch, Hamilton Wrenham-Essex, discontinued early 1940's

New York Central Railroad

Former railroad operated service from South Station, over 1 main route and various branches. Service continues over the main line, but was discontinued on all branches. In 1959, the Highland Branch to Riverside became a branch of Boston's Green Line subway and light rail line.

BOSTON & ALBANY LINE (now the Framingham-Worcester Line)
Highland Branch, Brookline Jct.-Riverside, discontinued 1958, now MBTA Green Line
Newton Lower Falls Branch, Riverside-Newton Lower Falls, discontinued 1957
Saxonville Branch, Natick-Saxonville, discontinued 1936
Milford Branch, Framingham-Milford, discontinued 1959
Millbury Branch, Millbury Jct.-Millbury, discontinued early 1930's

New Haven Railroad

Former railroad operated service from South Station. The main line extends southwest to Providence, and is also used by Amtrak trains to and from New York and points beyond. Several branches diverge from the main line, some still in operation and some discontinued. In addition are the "Old Colony" routes, 3 lines where service had been discontinued by New Haven in 1959, but in more recent years was restored on the main routes by MBTA.

Needham Branch, Forest Hills-Needham-Newton Upper Falls
discontinued 1932 Needham-Newton Upper Falls, remainder now the Needham Line
Charles River Branch, Needham Jct.-Franklin
cut back to Caryville 1940, cut back to West Medway 1941, cut back to Millis 1966
discontinued 1967
Dedham Branch, Readville-Dedham, discontinued 1967
Franklin Branch, Readville-Franklin, now the Franklin Line
Wrentham Branch, Norwood Jct.-North Attleborough, discontinued 1938
Stoughton Branch, Canton Jct.-Taunton
cut back to North Easton late 1930's, restored to Taunton 1950
cut back to Stoughton 1958,
remainder now the Stoughton Line

The Stoughton Branch was one of two routes for longer distance trains between Boston and Taunton, and New Bedford beyond. The other route involved the main line between Boston and Mansfield, and the Taunton Branch between Mansfield and Taunton. From the late 1930's until 1950, all of these trains operated via Mansfield, with North Easton the terminal for commuter trains. In 1955, service was discontinued via the Taunton Branch.

Dorchester Branch, Boston-Readville, discontinued 1944, restored 1979, now the Fairmount Line
Middleborough Line, discontinued 1959, restored 1997
Plymouth/Kingston Line, discontinued 1959, restored 1997
Greenbush Line, discontinued 1959, restored 2007
Granite Branch, North Quincy-Braintree, discontinued 1940
Randolph Branch, Braintree Highlands-Randolph, discontinued late 1930's
Greenbush Branch Extension, Greenbush-South Duxbury, discontinued 1939
Hanover Branch, North Abington-Hanover, discontinued 1938

Taunton Branch, Mansfield-Taunton, discontinued 1955
Taunton Branch, Taunton-New Bedford, discontinued 1958
Fall River Branch, Middleborough-Myricks, discontinued early 1930's
Fall River Branch, Myricks-Fall River, discontinued 1958
Middleborough-Taunton Line, Middleborough-Taunton, discontinued late 1930's

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