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Illinois Transit Lines was formed in 1935, with a network of routes introduced by the following bus companies, in the years indicated.

Central Illinois Bus Co.

Began operations in 1928, and during 1930's acquired Tri-State Bus Co. Tri-State Bus Co. began operations in 1927, and in 1929 completed formation of a route between Chicago and St. Louis, which in 1931 was sold to Illinois Greyhound Lines.

Springfield-Athens-Petersburg-Tallula (1927, Tri-State)
Springfield-Beardstown-Rushville (1928, Tri-State)
Springfield-Decatur-Tuscola-Newman-into Indiana via US Hwy. 36 (1928)

The route from Springfield to Tallula was discontinued prior to the consolidation by Illinois Transit Lines.

Macomb Transportation Co.

Good Hope-Macomb-Rushville (1924)
Macomb-Carthage (1925)
Good Hope-Monmouth (1926)
Macomb-Canton (1927)
Good Hope-Blandinsville (1927)
Blandinsville-Fort Madison (1930)
Macomb-Havana (1930)
Carthage-Hamilton (1930)

The route from Canton through Macomb to Hamilton and Keokuk IA was acquired by Burlington Transportation Co. in 1935.

Nokomis Bus Co.

Pana-Hillsboro (1923)
Pana-Mattoon (1926)
Pana-Decatur (1929)

During the early 1930's, service on these routes were periodically suspended due to coal mine closures. Ceased operations in 1932. Illinois Transit Lines eventually restored service from Pana to Mattoon, while service from Decatur through Pana to Hillsboro was later provided by De Luxe Trailways.

Rock Island-Aledo Motor Bus Co.

Rock Island-Aledo-Keithsburg (1926)
Aledo-Monmouth (1930)

The route from Aledo to Keithsburg was discontinued prior to the consolidation by Illinois Transit Lines.

Terre Haute & Western Bus Line

Began operations in 1931, acquiring routes from Central Illinois Traction Co., which until 1927 had operated an interurban railway line between Mattoon and Charleston, replacing it with buses at that time.

Paris-Charleston (1926)
Charleston-Mattoon (1927)
Mattoon-Windsor-Sullivan-Decatur (1932)

Interurban railway service between Terre Haute and Paris operated until 1932, after which bus service was presumably introduced.

Vermilion County Motor Bus Co.

Danville-Catlin-Fairmount-Seidell-Allerton (1921)
Allerton-Casey (1929)

Acquired by Central Illinois Bus Co. in 1929.

In 1935, Illinois Transit Lines also acquired Cross County Coach Co., which introduced a route in 1928 between Hoopeston and Bloomington. That route, along with the route from Danville to Rankin, eventually became part of Illinois Swallow Lines.

In 1943, Illinois Transit Lines acquired a route from Springfield to Pana, which had originated in 1928 with Egyptian Transportation System, and in 1934 became part of Dixie Greyhound Lines.

In 1954, an affiliated company Capitol Transit Lines was formed. Capitol Transit Lines acquired additional routes north of Springfield through Peoria, Rock Island, and Freeport, from Illinois Greyhound Lines. This included a route from Freeport to Dixon and La Salle, introduced in 1926 by Northern Illinois Service Co.

In 1958, Illinois Transit Lines merged with Capitol Transit Lines, forming Crown Transit Lines. In 1984 that company became Crown Travels which operated until 1989.

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