Both the Greyhound and Trailways route networks evolved from what originally were many small bus companies, which were gradually consolidated into the two nationwide intercity bus systems. Greyhound became one single company, while several companies with the Trailways name remained separately owned, but all working together in forming a nationwide Trailways bus system.

The Trailways system was first formed in 1936 as an association of five separate companies working together, to benefit from nationwide name recognition, and to offer through ticketing and scheduling. Some companies were actually owned by major railroads. By the end of its second year, 40 companies had become part of the Trailways system. The largest company to emerge was Continental Trailways, which was a consolidation through various mergers. Continental Trailways had its beginnings in 1927 as the Bowen Motor Coach Co., operating in Texas, which in 1945 was merged into Continental Bus System. Continental Bus System was one of the original companies merged into Transcontinental Bus System upon its formation in 1947. Transcontinental Bus System was acquired in 1968 by Holiday Inn, and sold by Holiday Inn in 1979. In 1987, Continental Trailways was acquired by Greyhound. While the various smaller Trailways companies continued to be separately owned.


Histories and maps of the various companies, which were part of the Trailways system.

Adirondack Transit Lines/Adirondack Trailways
American Buslines
Arkansas Motor Coaches/Arkansas Trailways
Atlantic Stages/Atlantic Trailways
Boston & Maine Transportation Co.
Burlington Transportation Co./Burlington Trailways
Cannon Ball Stage Lines/Cannon Ball Trailways
Capital Motor Lines/Capital Trailways
Capitol Bus Co./Capitol Trailways
Carolina Coach Co./Carolina Trailways
Carolina Scenic Coach Lines/Carolina Scenic Trailways
Carolina-Tennessee Coach Co.
Bremerton-Tacoma Stages/Cascade Trailways
Central Bus Lines/Central Trailways
Monroeville Bus Co./Colonial Trailways
Consolidated Bus Lines/Consolidated Trailways
Bowen Motor Coach Co./Continental Trailways
Crescent Stages/Crescent Trailways
De Luxe Motor Stages/De Luxe Trailways
Danford Bus Line
Denver-Colorado Springs-Pueblo Motor Way/Trailways
Denver-Salt Lake-Pacific Stages/Trailways
Dixie Motor Coach/Dixie Trailways
Edwards Lake To Sea System
Western New York Motor Lines/Empire Trailways
Evergreen Trails/Evergreen Trailways
Frank Martz Coach Co./Martz Trailways
Missouri-Arkansas Coach/Missouri-Arkansas Trailways
Missouri Pacific Bus Lines/Missouri Pacific Trailways
Modern Coach Corp./Modern Trailways
Blue Way Lines/Trailways of New England
Zane Transit Lines/Ohio Trailways
Mount Hood Stages/Pacific Trailways
Panhandle Stages/Panhandle Trailways
Queen City Coach/Queen City Trailways
Reading Transportation Co./Reading Trailways
Rio Grande Motor Way/Rio Grande Trailways
Safeway Trails/Safeway Trailways
Santa Fe Trail Transportation/Santa Fe Trailways
Service Coach Lines/Service Coach Trailways
Service Stages/Service Stages Trailways
Smoky Mountain Stages/Smoky Mountain Trailways
Indianapolis & Southeastern Railroad/Southeastern Trailways
Southern Bus Lines/Southern Trailways
Southern Stages/Southern Trailways
Tamiami Trail Tours/Tamiami Trailways
Tennessee Coach Co.
Union Bus Lines/Union Trailways
Rochester-Penfield Bus Co./Valley Trailways
Valley Transit Lines/Valley Transit Trailways
Virginia Stage Lines/Virginia Trailways
West Coast Bus Lines/West Coast Trailways

Additional Trailways Companies

Bus companies which were Trailways members only temporarily, and did not become part of the final Trailways system prior to the 1987 acquisition of Continental Trailways by Greyhound.

Official Web site contains some interesting information pertaining to the member companies.

1941 MAP (WEST)

1941 MAP (EAST)

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