Additional Bus Companies

Main routes generally still existed in 1976.

Autrey Bus Lines - operated 1975-1986
Original route: Knoxville-Gatlinburg
Route was originally Trailways
Trailways member 1975-1983
1983-1984 service suspended
1984-1986 was Pigeon River Bus Line

CC Bus Lines - operated 1959-1976
Original route: Chattanooga-Crossville-Jamestown

Ladd Motor Coach Lines - operated until 1983
Original route: Nashville-Centerville-Waynesboro
1956-1958 service suspended
1958-1983 was Tennessee Trailblazers

Twin State Coach Lines - operated 1974-1978
Original route: Boone NC-Abington VA
(acquired from Greyhound)
Added route: Bluefield-Huntington WV
(acquired 1977 from Black & White Transit Co.)
(above company acquired route 1962 from Trailways)

Earlier/Smaller Bus Companies

Bus companies generally listed in the July 1942 Russell's Guide or the 1952 Mass Transportation's Directory, and their predecessor and successor companies. This list is somewhat arbitrary and provides a general overview.

Baker's Bus Line - operated until 1948
Original route: Dickson-Clarksville

Dunlap Bus Lines - operated 1944-1974
Operated various directions from Paris
Trailways member 1944-1946

Lewisburg Bus Lines - operated until 1947 (to Crescent Stages/Crescent Trailways)
Original route: Nashville-Lewisburg-Fayetteville-Huntsville AL

Middlesboro-La Follette Bus Line - operated until 1956
Original route: Middlesboro-La Follette

Newsom Bus Line - operated until 1957
Original route: Union City-Tiptonville
Prior to 1952 was 649 Bus Line

Polly's Bus Line - operated until 1943
Original route: Mt. Pleasant-Columbia

Shorty's Bus Line - operated 1930-1954
Operated various directions from Dyersburg

Tennessee Scenic Coach Lines - operated until 1954
Operated various directions from Morristown

Waller Coach Lines - operated until 1943 (to Western Kentucky Stages/previous page)
Original route: Clarksville-Erin/Paris

Washington County Bus Line - operated 1928-1951
Original route: Kingsport-Johnson City
Trailways member (Tennessee Trailways) 1948-1950

White Star Line - operated until 1952
Original route: Knoxville-Maryville

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