Additional Bus Companies

Main routes generally still existed in 1976.

Velder Bus Line - operated 1925-1951
Randall Bus Line - operated 1962-1981
Original route: Bonesteel-O'Neill NE

Earlier/Smaller Bus Companies

Bus companies generally listed in the July 1942 Russell's Guide or the 1952 Mass Transportation's Directory, and their predecessor and successor companies. This list is somewhat arbitrary and provides a general overview.

Custer Highway Transportation Co. - operated until 1950 (to Inter City Bus Line later Jack Rabbit Lines/previous page)
Original route: Mitchell-Rapid City

Inter-Lake City Bus Line - operated until 1947 (to Jack Rabbit Lines/previous page)
Original route: Wessington Springs-Sioux Falls
Prior to 1942 was Wessington Springs-Sioux Falls Bus Line

Springfield-Sioux Falls Bus Line - operated until 1976
Original route: Springfield-Sioux Falls

Tri-State Bus Lines - operated 1946-1954
Operated various directions from Sisseton
Trailways member 1948-1949

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