London To Edinburgh
August 29, 2018

This was a day of travel from London to Edinburgh, with my aunt and uncle. Via the East Coast Main Line out of Kings Cross Station. London North Eastern Railway is the operator. The 386 mile trip was scheduled in 283 minutes, an average of 82 mph. Speed limit was 125 mph, a factor being the older British Railways intermittent inductive Automatic Warning System. With this system wayside signals must be observed, which is more difficult at higher speeds. Newer high speed signaling involves cab signals.

Only actual railroad and station photos are included here. Scenery photos are publicly available on my Facebook page (as William Vandervoort).

I am not familiar with the Harry Potter books. But the stories include a "Platform 9 3/4" at Kings Cross Station. So there is an area in the station where they pay tribute, popular with the younger generations.



Crossing the Tyne River, arriving Newcastle.

We have just crossed into Scotland, along the North Sea.

After arriving Edinburgh.