August 27, 2018

After that short overnight flight and after clearing British customs at London Heathrow Airport, I rode the Underground or the Tube into London (what Americans call a subway). The Piccadilly Line. Sideways seats here, the kind CTA riders don't like on the newest cars.

I rode the Piccadilly Line as far as Knightsbridge Station, which is near the Harrods department store. Many of these London Underground stations are deep, with long escalators. All escalators I saw this trip were metal, but I remember the old wooden escalators. A serious fire in 1987 at the Kings Cross station led to replacement of all remaining wooden escalators.

I walked a little bit around the ORIGINAL Hyde Park. The park in London which inspired the naming of the community in Chicago where I have lived most of my life. This is near the Underground station at Hyde Park Corner.

One goal I had for this trip was a goal I had with my previous trip, 40 years earlier. This was to visit all of the main railway stations in London. After walking from Hyde Park Corner past Buckingham Palace and through Green Park, I rode the Underground to Liverpool Street Station.

London Stations

Photos of the London railway stations are now included in this web site section covering London and southeast England.

At Liverpool Street Station, I began what I called my "London Literary Tour". First exploring locations where A Christmas Carol was supposedly set. I later visited locations for Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, and Oliver Twist.

In the movie Mary Poppins, all locations were fictional except for St. Paul's Cathedral. Photos from this London Literary Tour are publicly available on my Facebook page (as William Vandervoort).

Passing near St. Paul's Cathedral is bus route 15. Route 15 uses the classic old "Routemaster" double decker buses.

The London Transport "Routemaster" bus has this open platform at the rear.

I finally made it to the hotel, near Paddington Station. There I met up with my aunt and uncle, who also were vacationing in Britain. We walked near the edge of Hyde Park, including near a turnaround for many modern day London buses.