The Netherlands
September 3, 2018

After getting together with an old classmate in Amsterdam, I rode the train to Limburg province. At the southeast corner of the country, the one area of the country with significant hills.

At the town of Heerlen, I boarded this electric train independently operated by Arriva, for a short ride to the provincial capital of Maastricht. Stadler of Switzerland manufactured this train.

From Maastricht I rode a main line train north to Roermond. Where I transferred to an Arriva diesel train further north to Venlo, where I took this photo. As with the electric train which I had ridden earlier, Stadler of Switzerland manufactured this train. This would be the only diesel train which I would ride on this trip to the Netherlands. Venlo is a border station with Germany, I did not make it to Germany this trip and this was the closest I would come. Tracks in the station are electrified, with switchable voltages. Either the Dutch 1,500 volts DC, or the German 15,000 volts AC.

I had a little more time in Breda than I planned, due to a cancelled train. But this cancellation only meant an extra half hour until the next train. The Breda station has been remodeled in recent years, including this bus terminal next to the station tracks. Arriva operates the Volvo bus, which was manufactured in Poland.

Because bicycles are a major part of transportation in the Netherlands, many stations including Breda have sizable areas with bicycle racks.

I made it to Den Haag (The Hague) Centraal Station, where I boarded a streetcar route 9, destined for Scheveningen. This is a lower level streetcar stop, the upper level streetcar trackage passes over on the bridge.

Scheveningen is next to Den Haag, next to the North Sea, with beaches. Perhaps the "Atlantic City of the Netherlands". It also was the birthplace of my grandfather. Geographically this is the "west coast" of the Netherlands. While earlier that day I was in Limburg province, at the southeast part of the country. This would be like traveling from Florida to California, but in the Netherlands it was just a few hours by train. I rode the streetcar back to Den Haag, where it was just a short train ride back to Leiden.