Brussels (South Station)
September 1, 2018

In Dutch, the main station south of Brussels is Brussel Zuid Station. But in French it is Gare du Midi (and not "Sud"). This was established before the opening of the Brussels Central Station (Bruxelles Central/Brussel Centraal). This is now the only stop made in Brussels by the Eurostar, Thalys, and other international trains.

Brussels South Station, with a streetcar.

Brussels South Station, interior.

Outside the Brussels South Station is a bus terminal. In Belgium, French is spoken in the south part of the country and Dutch is spoken in the north part of the country. The regional bus system serving the Dutch part of the Country is "De Lijn" (The Line).

Looking north at Brussels South Station, with unique Belgian railway signals.

French TGV train at Brussels South Station. These were the first true high speed trains in Europe.

Train at Brussels South Station destined to Amsterdam. The Belgian National Railways provided the electric locomotive. While the cars are painted for the Netherlands Railways, with logos for both railway systems.

This high speed Thalys train would take me from Brussels to Amsterdam.