Brussels (Central Station)
September 1, 2018

After checking out of the hotel, I walked by some of the tourist spots in the central part of Brussels. All near the Central Station. Previously, Brussels just had a North Station and a South Station, where trains from those respective directions terminated. But in 1952, a new six track tunnel was opened connecting the two stations, and a new underground Central Station was opened. They should have also done this in Boston. Boston had this "Big Dig" tunnel project which was suggested would also include trains. But Boston blew it, only completing it for expressways.

Brussels Central Station.

Brussels Central Station, interior. There was an armed military presence here, as a year earlier a terrorist bomb was detonated. The only fatality was the terrorist himself, who was shot.

A Mercedes-Benz built city bus in Brussels. With the digital destination sign identifying in Dutch, a cemetery.

Moments later the bus destination sign flips to French, identifying the cemetery. A bilingual city requires bilingual signs.