The most obscure commuter railroads to have served Chicago, where past timetables have not yet been located.

Erie Railroad - operated between Dearborn Station and Rochester IN.

New York Central/Nickel Plate Road - operated in a loop in either direction between La Salle Street Station and Osborn Junction in Hammond IN, using New York Central and Indiana Harbor Belt in one direction, and Nickel Plate in other direction.

Belt Railway of Chicago - operated between Dearborn Station and Clearing Yard, primarily for railroad employees.

Union Stockyards - several railroads operated dedicated commuter trains, serving the Union Stockyards as the employer destination. They included both the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central to and from downtown Chicago. Also the Illinois Central to and from suburban points south, and the Erie Railroad to and from Hammond.

These are the most obscure commuter operations to serve Chicago, with little information available regarding them. Any further information would be appreciated. Bill Vandervoort