Western Division

Former New York Central main line between Elkhart and Chicago. At the time, much of the route had four tracks. Where three or four tracks existed, the inner tracks were used by passenger trains, and the outer tracks were used by freight trains. Except between CR (Calumet River Bridge) and JN (Grand Crossing), the south pair of tracks was used by passenger trains, and the north pair of tracks was used by freight trains.

Unlike other track diagrams at this Web site, these track diagrams do not include switches, especially at interlockings, due to an unavailability of older track charts. But employee timetables listed signals and their numbers. But many signal locations are estimated, because New York Central signal numbers only conveyed whole miles, instead of the more usual numbering of signals to the nearest odd or even tenth of a mile. In addition, the employee timetables contained some inconsistencies. Manual interlockings with towers are indicated with blue rectangles, interlockings were identified by letter code included within the rectangles. Remote interlockings are indicated with red rectangles.