Dubuque & Illinois Division/First Subdivision

Milwaukee Road line from Chicago to Franklin Park, as it existed from the mid 1950's until around 1977. There existed four tracks, functioning as two parallel double track lines, with passenger tracks to the north and freight tracks to the south. Signals were modernized in 1955 to accommodate the addition of the Union Pacific passenger trains, which prior to 1955 had used the Chicago & North Western between Chicago and Omaha. This included upgrading of the westward freight track to accommodate westward Union Pacific trains, some of which were scheduled to depart Chicago during the afternoon rush hour and needing to pass commuter trains. Around 1977, bidirectional signals were installed on all tracks except the eastward freight track. Eastward freight track was removed around the 1980's. In 2006, line was reconfigured as a more traditional three track commuter route, to accommodate expanded service on the new Metra North Central Line. Prior to then, the center platforms had access only to the eastward passenger track. The Hermosa and Cragin stations, whose main platform/secondary platform layouts were incompatible with the new track assignments, were replaced with the new Grand/Cicero station.

The Milwaukee Road eventually became part of Canadian Pacific, which has always named its subdivisions. This line became the Elgin Subdivision.